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Environmental Education Programme

The main objective of the environmental education programme is to teach Shimshali students in the context of their surroundings; to make formal education relevant to the circumstances of students' daily lives. Teachers at both the Federal Government Middle School Shimshal (for boys) and the Aga Khan Diamond Jubilee (DJ) Middle School have been involved for four years in training students to collect descriptive and statistical information in ten areas: nature, livestock, population, daily life, weather, tourism, politics, social structure, history and agriculture. Each year the information collected is compiled, collated and translated into English by Shimshali college students studying down country. Students learn about their social and natural environment, and customary ways of perceiving and treating it, as they collect and interpret information. As the Nature Trust develops the resultant annual reports will be used as planning documents for ongoing initiatives by the other programmes.

to generate information and data for village-level planning, management, and development.
to develop a database for future reference.
to provide Shimshal's youth with a sense of research and exploration.
to develop in Shimshal's youth a sense of responsibility to preserve nature, and to understand the relationship between the physical and social environment. 

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