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Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors will consist of thirteen (13) members, selected as follows: one member from each of the following institutions:
  • Local Council
  • Volunteer Service (men)
  • Volunteer Service (women)
  • Shimshal Scouts
  • Union Council member
  • Numberdar
  • Local Education Board
  • three members selected by villagers according to their understanding of and commitment to the Trust's vision. Education and linkages with the outside world will be important in the selection of these individuals.
  • three general members selected on an annual rotational basis.

  Management of the Sub-Organizations

     For 1998/99 the Shimshal Nature Trust Programmes will be managed by the following Shimshali institutions:



Responsible Institutions

  • Environmental Education Programme


Government Boys' and D.J. Girls'

Middle Schools (teachers and students)

  • Self-Help Development Programme


Shimshal Volunteer Corps

  • Shimshal Cultural Programme 


Wakhi Tajik Culture Association Shimshal

  • Visitors' Programme and

      Mountaineering School


The Climbers

Club of  Shimshal

  • Nature Stewardship Programme


Shimshal Boy Scouts

  • Women's Development Programme


Shimshal Ladies Volunteer Corps

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