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Self-Help Village Development Programme (SHVDP)

Overview of  the Programme 
Our community has a long history of indigenous and NGO-initiated communal self-help (see Table 1). Traditionally, many initiatives (e.g., bridges, sections of channels or trail, travellers' shelters) were sponsored by individual households, who chose a project and supplied materials and food to volunteer workers. In the past two years we have appointed a rotating Self Help Village Development Committee, which identifies and posts a list of priorities. These are assigned with reference to the annual reports of the Environmental Education Programme. Households wishing to sponsor a public work are required to choose from among the top priorities. In addition, other monies that may arise (including, in the future, a tax on village animals), are channeled there, and the work is undertaken by the Shimshal Scout Troop, Shimshal Volunteer Corps, or other community volunteers. At present the top priority is communal afforestation, an initiative supported by The Salary Man's Fund for Afforestation, a tax which Shimshalis receiving a salary pay to provide wages for those locals responsible for managing and watering newly-afforested areas. 
To facilitate and systematise traditionally-sponsored development efforts
to plan and prioritise development projects
to supervise the implementation and monitoring of development projects

planning and designing projects
executing projects
maintaining projects. 

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