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Shimshal Culture Programme

The Shimshal Culture Programme has been operating for several years under the auspices of the Gojal-wide Wakhi Tadjik Culture Association. As much of local environmental knowledge and practice, and our "sense of place" more generally, is interwoven with other aspects of traditional Wakhi culture, we feel it is important to incorporate a culture stewardship programme into our nature stewardship programme.

to re-establish indigenous Shimshali agricultural and religious festivals
to collect and propagate traditional folk songs and stories
to record the complete genealogy of all Shimshalis from Mamu Singh to the present
to enlarge and improve the Shimshal Culture Museum, already housed in one of the village's oldest dwellings
In addition to preserving and teaching local culture, each of these projects helps to root us in the history of our relationships with our landscape, and provides guidance for continuing nature stewardship.

documentation and recording of history, genealogy, events, customs, folk tales, songs and plays
practicing and demonstrating Shimshali culture at the local, national, and international level
linking with other cultural and linguistic groups
Ten Year Work Plan

Phase I (1994-98):

record Shimshal's history
establish cultural museum
re-establish festivals
publish and use indigenous Shimshali calendar
demonstrate local songs, dances, plays and dramas at the local and national level
Phase II (1999-2003):

renovate oldest dwellings and Farman Khana
publish Shimshali folk songs, tales, and history
organize an international grand cultural show
Phase III (2003-2008):

construct an historical and cultural museum
institute Pamir yak racing and polo
Individuals, Pakistani and international universities, NGOs and government organisations, other interested parties.

Aga Khan Cultural Services, WATCA, Lok Versa, Shimshal Nature Trust.

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